Monday, December 20, 2010

"I peed on my forehead!!"

Welcome back all:-)  Wow - it's been a while, busy and just decided to take a break.  Thanks for being patient with me/us.  I have had so many things to write about - just didn't do it.  Today tops them all - thus the title.  You'll have to wait on that one.......:-)

We are dealing with major issues regarding pre-school.  Let me start with -Sam does fine once he is there and I have no doubt he is learning.  The issue is the time inbetween - he is constantly saying he is not going to go to school; he is not going to ride the bus, etc.  One issue is he thinks no one wants to play with him - I was reading a 'social story' to him about how to ask others to play and what to do if they turn you down.  He became very sad and said no one wants to play with him.  I talked with his teacher and she informed me that (no surprise here) he is in 'control' telling them what to play with/how to play with it and when they are done.  He does this at home - constantly!!  Then he tells them it's time to go to another 'center' - they aren't ready to go or don't want to go to the one he wants to go to.  He then takes that as them not wanting to play with him.  So now we know how to approach that..... 

HOWEVER - we also have the eating issue.  I got a phone call from the school nurse last week saying he had puked.  I talked to him on the phone - and he told me his teacher wanted him to try the foods they were having that day and after a little coaxing - he did - and then puked.  He does this - he will either gag or actually puke if he does not like something he has tried.  I talked to the nurse again and could hear him laughing in the background - we both decided he was not sick and it was just a Sam'ism.  SERIOUS sensory issues with food/taste/smell/ - today he saw a scene in a movie where a kid gets his tongue stuck to a frozen pole - he had to cover his eyes as he was having a gag-reflex from this - WHAAAA?????  But he was so into the scene he would cover his eyes/watch it/cover his eyes/watch it and so on.  He made it through:-)

OK - for some reason most of the time daddy or I have to go with him when he goes to the bathroom.  Usually it's because it's dark - today he had to go #2 and "mommy mommy hurry up come with me come with me......" - so I go (interruped for the umpteenth time trying to get things done) and sit up on the counter and wait.  Wow it was stinky - he sits backwards on the stool and often covers his face with his t-shirt - silly boy.  He had to push so hard he couldn't cover his face and was leaning thing I know (as I'm thinking 'Hurry up - are you just dinking around or are you doing your business???') he pops up and says - "I just peed on my forehead" - it took me a second - but sure enough - I laughed soooo hard I couldn't even respond!  He had the look of shock and then of course my laughter started his laughter and it was a great and stinky potty time:-)!!  Oh the joys of motherhood - for real.  I LOVE my kids (and my hubby:-))

Merry Christmas - and I vow to stick to my writing once again -