Friday, June 17, 2011

Yes - you are in the right place.....

I decided to change the background - the other was giving me a headache and this sums up the last year and a half - books, books, books, and searching, searching, searching!!  I have started reading - at least 9 books and have completely finished - ONE.  Most of them I use as reference......

So - I don't have time to go back and read things I have all ready written - there might be times I say something that's all ready been said - so be it.  Moving on - well I am so overwhelmed much of the time with what I am NOT getting done since having children - but this tops them all - I actually forgot my best friends 40th birthday - my husband had to tell me - I NEVER used to forget dates!  Birthdays, anniversaries, etc. - I had cards ready to send a week before.....Now I then I stress about that on top of everything else.  People just need to know I still care....just have a lot more consuming my time/energy & sleep! 

So - Sam's OT described him as this:  imagine a chart - at the bottom of the chart you have 'couch potato' - in the middle you have 'normal' and at the top you have 'overdrive' or 'overstimulated' - Sam is always between normal and overdrive and above.  His nervous system does not know how to 'chill' out - anytime she wants to try something new or different he turns color; fidgets with his ears and feet; and starts negotiating saying 'well, how about.....' He just doesn't want to let go - he doesn't like the feeling or isn't used to the feeling of allowing his body to relax.  We are supposed to do breathing exercises with him - when she tries this it is very difficult for him to slow down and lower his breathing.  We are also trying listening therapy - maybe more on that later.

She said he is one of the most challenging cases she 's seen with these issues.  So - we are NOT CRAZYY!!!!!  Hey everyone - we are NOT crazy and this past week I felt validated in the levels of insanity I've felt in the last four years!!!!!  Now - it's getting him there enough to allow her to work with him.  Ugh - he goes twice a week now and that is expensive enough - I also want to possibly get him in to a Cognitive Behavior Therapist - I have read/heard that AS people REALLY benefit from this since it deals with their way of thinking - which is a HUGE part of the battle.  Okay - enough on Sam for now.....

Everything - I mean EVERYTHING Princess!!!!!  Nasya is gone to the dark side.  It takes her 20 min. to find something good enough to wear out to the sandbox.....if it doesn't have ruffles or princess stuff on it - NO WAY!!  She is a persistent little dolly - but cute:-)  She loves standing at the sink 'washing dishes' - or making a HUGE water mess:-)  she loves taking care of her brother - if he falls asleep before her and we put him to bed - she will take him his baby lamb right away - soooo cute:-)  If she wakes up and he's all ready gone to summer school - she says - "Where's Sammy????" 

Okay - well, going to bed - want to have a good and productive weekend with the BIG DADDY of the house:-)  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO THE BEST DADDY IN THE WORLD - WE LOVE YOU!!  I couldn't do it without him - he adores our children and I've NEVER seen a man who looks at his children the way he does.  I knew the first time I met him that he would be an amazing father - and I was right!!! 

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