Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hunky Dude!!

Awwww - Sam and I had a date again today - his last day of preschool was Tuesday - so we took Nasya to a couple hours of daycare and we went to the coffee shop to see his girlfriend Candy.  He got a hot cocoa and we sat and played with his cars.  We was sooooo good and patient and smiley!!  A little old lady was sitting behind Sam and he turned around and said 'HI!' - she said hi back and 'You're a hunky dude!!'  Didn't expect that out of a 75 year old:-)  THEN as we were getting ready to leave the lady behind me who had been working on her computer, walked by and said "I think he is the cutest kid I've ever seen, even cuter than mine!!" - WOA - talk about a proud mommy:-)  We'll take the wonderful compliments......he was being so sweet and hammy.....

NOW for yesterday- I guarantee we wouldn't have received those compliments!!  Actually he has been reverting back to his bad behaviors/habits/isms.  Yesterday I told my mother-in-law - it was like someone lit a fire under his rear; gave him 5 Jolts (the energy drink of the 90's) and told him to go be as obnoxious and naughty as he can!!!!!  He was a disrespectful, aggressive - ......animal!!!!!  He was actually really good until after his therapy - which actually is the opposite effect therapy usually has on him.  He was soooo wound up - we came home and his cousin was here - poor kid.  Sam was aggressively in his face; he was pulling on his shirt, chasing him, pushing him down and not letting up.  WTHeck???  It was embarrassing - I all ready feel like they don't want to come over and be around him and then he does this - unfortunately they don't see him when he is fantastic - he has the stigma of being 'different' all ready so he almost doesn't even have a chance.   

Sunday we had a surprise birthday party for his dad and grandpa - first he went golfing with them and I was told he was FaNTASTIC on the golf course.  THEN grandma picked him and his cousin up - and met them at the house.  DIFFERENT story - he was yelling at grandma; sassing; saying his 'bad' words; etc. I simply told them to not talk to eachother - otherwise it would have excalated into no return.  I tried my best to keep him occupied with helping me - so between him and his cousin I kept the peace and let them 'help' me get the place ready for the party.  Went 'ok' - but he was not himself the rest of the day.  We made it......and had a great time none-the-less. 

We're back to defiance; calling names; defiance; NOT following directions - always bartering and trying to get it HIS way!!  VERY frustrating as we know that if we hold our ground as parents - it will be constant - and I mean CONSTANT meltdowns; throwing; etc.  When is the battle not worth it??????? 

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