Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Happy Days

Happy Belated Easter to all!  I must say, Sam has been an exceptional boy lately!!  Yes, still episodes - however, he is really growing up and is really showing respect and manners!!  I will post some pics sometime, showing his magnet chart and 'wall of fame' we've created.  We've pitched the sticker chart for good as he was completely abusing it.  He would throw tantrums until I would give him things to do to earn the 3 or 4 stickers he still needed to get on a cirlce to receive his 'reward' - I was DONE with that!!  Not to mention having to constantly think of cheap rewards that he would even care about!!!! 

Today, he walked in the door to see Nasya in the window and opened his arms and said, "Hi Nasya!!" - is was so sweet!  Yesterday when she opened her door from her nap, he softly walked over to her and said - "Hi Princess Nasya, do you remember we're going to bowling??  Are you ready to go??" - "I love you!"  He is such an awesome little man!! 

He has been waking several times in the night freaking out if one of us isn't sleeping on the floor next to his bed - GRRRRRR.  Not sure what is provoking this.  My back is NOT in good shape and neither of us are getting much sleep.  Sya is waking as well, she keeps getting congested/gross runny noses and coughing - therefore does not sleep well and we all suffer.  I am really really wanting to exercise - but it is sooooo difficult to get motivated when I am lacking sleep.  This needs to become something that I never have to be concerned about - PLEASE GOD!!!!!???

Yesterday was Easter - we spent it out on Dani & Jasper's farm.  A farm is always a hit with the kids!!  I would LOVE LOVE to have a farm.....oh well.  Anyway, Dani and her three kids hosted alone since Jasper is in Afghanistan.  Sam, Nasya, Chloe and Willie played SO great together!!!  Sya was in awe of Chloe's jewelry (we accidentally came home with a necklace - sorry Chloe -we'll return it:-)  So much for thinking she was a tomboy - I think she's an Athletic-Princess-with-a-Tude!!!  Talk about independent, sassy and bossy - she's ONLY 2!!!  Dear Jesus - please help me guide this little girl now through her teenage years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

After lunch - Dani and her brother hid eggs outside and the kids had a blast finding them.  Sam kept calling Chloe 'Bailey' who is his cousin up in Seattle.  Unfortunately we don't see either of them near enough - but one of these days he'll hopefully get them straight:-)!!  HI Bailey, Hudson and BabyBean:-)!!  Miss you....

All this to say - we are so proud of Sam and his awesome interaction with everyone this past week!!  He is properly approaching kids and asking if they want to play; he is not getting aggressive with them when they don't do what he wants; and we HOPE this is a new trend for our family - time will tell!!

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