Thursday, May 5, 2011


Talk about sensory issues.  The other night I made creamy mashed cauliflower/broccoli and game hens - I haven't made this for a few years.  While I was finishing up, Don took the kids outside and brought them back in when supper was finished.  WOW!!!  Sam came in and started gagging/yelling all the way to his bedroom!!  It is true that the two vegetables mentioned can smell funky - but WOA!  He said he would only eat downstairs NOT upstairs where it 'STINKS!!!!!!!!'  So he RAN downstairs and Don took his PBJ down to him.....we thought no big deal if we took our plates and joined him since it stunk upstairs and not down.  WRONG!! 

We all sat on the floor around the coffee table and Sam (sitting across from me) glared and me and yelled - "Get out of here, get your chickens OUT of here!!!!!!!"  So - he only looked at me - for some reason he didn't yell at Don directly - but that could be because Don's icky food was not right in front of him like mine was.  So I ate this meal (kind of getting grossed out myself at the thought of the chicken being alive and then on my plate) reluctanly by myself upstairs.  You see - he will not eat chicken now since he knows that it is ACtUALLY a chicken....I guess he doesn't eat meat at all but this is definitely an issue when it comes to Happy Meals and the like.  So - little did I know that the meal I was preparing would be a double whammy for the little man - stinky AND chicken!  Better luck next time - I need to start disguising the menu - he won't eat is anyway but at least he won't yell at US:-)

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  1. Oh boy, that was a good one. The preggo mama may have to agree with Sam on this one. I have a horrible gag reflex so it probably would have gone off.