Monday, May 16, 2011

Nice While it Lasted:-)

The title means just what it says.  Defiance is back to being an issue (prob. still was - I have a feeling it was 'going well' because we were just giving in so we wouldn't have the tantrums/meltdowns!!)and back to using the picture schedule more regularly.  I HOPE it works.  This morning we awful trying to get him to school.  He was sure he was going to stay home and NOT go to school.  I knew daddy was at the office still so I called him to see if he would talk to Sam and try to calm/convince.....he said of course -but Sam wanted NOTHING to do with it.  The bus driver, his bus 'friends' and maybe some neighbors heard and saw his tantrum - ugh.  So - I waved the bus on and started to get myself ready since daddy left at 6:30am.  So - now not only do I have to get myself ready (between fits/demands, etc.) - but Nasya AND get Sam ready and willing to get out the door!!!!  Fortunately - daddy called back and asked if I wanted him to stop and take him in - OF COURSE!!!  He didn't have much time before hitting the road for work - but it was worth it.  Didn't think it was going to work - but he ended up getting bribed with a new John Deere something and it worked good enough.  SO - the deal is - he has to get on the bus every day until school gets out or he loses the John Deere and his new cowboy guns.  HOPE it works.  So help me - if tomorrow he could care less about them, the iPad AND a Happy Meal - we're done.

Saturday - he was jumping on our bed and we both told him to stop it!!  So - daddy goes out of the room and he asks me, "Mommy, are you leaving too or are you going to stay and keep an eye on me?"......hmmmmm - I asked him why I should keep an eye on him and he flat out told me that he wanted me to leave so he could jump and jump and jump on the bed again - at least he's honest, huh??

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