Monday, May 9, 2011

Wow - New Boy??

I have been wanting to blog about this but I didn't want to 'jump the gun' so to speak.  Don, myself and Sams pre-school teacher all agreed that we have seen some great changes in Sam in the last month!!  I have always believed in miracles - and we have some awesome people actively praying for us and Samuel and what we all go through.

Sam has been very sweet; calm MUCH more often;  the rocking has subsided somewhat - it is not every evening; not every morning; and not 5 times a night.  Once in a while he will go through a phase but not NEAR the frequency it was for 3++ years. 

I started writing this earlier this afternoon and now I am finishing it since the kids are down.....wouldn't you know after I start writing all the GREAT stuff - he starts his behaviors.....mostly with his sister and not getting things the way HE wants them.

I am a little concerned for the summer and being outdoors.  We're going to have to prep him when we go out and go for a bike ride around the neighborhood - if he wants to go to the park and we say no he'll just take off - angrily.   He did this the other evening and both Don and I were outside with the kids - and it was difficult to catch him - imagine if I'm home alone......So I'm having the Speech-Therapist at the pre-school create a couple social stories we can go over before we go out.

Going to bed - night.

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